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We search high and low for the best fabric we can find... because we design basics that you don't have to replace each season - we want them to last!   We also want them to hold their shape whether your on-the-go throughout the day or traveling around the world - this way you will feel comfortable and confident.

For knits we look for fabrics that have great stretch, durability and quality.   Our customers love our fabric because it is beautiful but also durable and soft.  

The Ponte de Roma fabric we use to design our garments has all of the comfort and flexibility of jersey, but it’s THICKER! It's a year-round double-knit interlock fabric that has stability and firmness in addition to flexibility and softness.   What it means  - it will hold its shape but still maintain comfort and give. Best of both worlds, no?   

We love jersey just has to be super high quality - so that it drapes well and stays great looking.  Whether you're on-the-go in Chicago, Cincinnati or Singapore our clothes are designed to move and groooove with you... 


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