They're Just Like Us?

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We thought it was crazy brilliant that Angelina had her kids so involved with her wedding... each taking a role in the ceremony and drawing on the back of her dress. That kind of seems like what any Mom might do...and shows how proud she is of each of them.  What a lovely and creative way to include the letting them draw and ultimately help design and embellish her wedding dress and veil - designers all over the world would love an opportunity like that ;) 

We read Brad forgot to bring a tie and borrowed one from the kids - that seems pretty normal too...

Then were reminded they might not be so much like us we learn that Angelina had Atelier Versace tailor Luigi Massi painstakingly handprint the drawings on the dress and veil, that they married at their insanely gorgeous private Chateau in France or that their wedding was the equivalent of a state secret! 

Either way Cheers to the Happy Couple! 


(And if you haven't seen the spoof of the drawings that appeared on her dress it's pretty entertaining)

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