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One of my favorite artists is Bosco Sodi.  Bosco is a contemporary artist who is just plain unbelievably talented.  There is such a richness of color and originality in his work. Bosco is from Mexico City and has worked in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin - still maintaining studios in each of those places.

Bosco Sodi's work is sort of like a 3D painting - the pieces are composed of pure pigment, sawdust, wood pulp, natural fibers and glue.  Watching him at work, is fascinating, check out this video of Bosco at work in his studio in Berlin.    His pieces all have sort of a crackled look, which depends on how much water he uses. 


How cool is this? Although his primary medium is paint, the pigments in Barcelona are different from those in New York, the water in each location is also different so the colors produced change with each location... 


We'll take one of each, please and thank you ;-) 



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