Summer 2014 ~ Capri, Italy

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Drawing from our travels for inspiration... each season will feature a different locale, a place in the world we've either been inspired by or dream of going. 

The first collection is inspired by Capri, Italy!  

This small, European island-getaway has the most beautiful views of the water from almost any angle.    Capri has rocky beaches and uphill, winding cobblestone streets where villas and boutique hotels seem to be stacked on top of each other perched over cliffs that look out over the sea. 


It's easy to see why Capri is a honeymoon destination and a popular destination for celebs  - after going there you won't want to leave.   If you stay for a while, walking/hiking to see the sights a good idea because the food is pretty delish... especially the pastries you can buy on the cheap close to where you get off the ferry.  

We fell in love with the bright colors, the different shades of blue in the ocean depending on the time of day, the brightly colored flowers, the limoncello ;-), the boats at the marina, the list goes on...   


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