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We partnered with the lady behind the Meet Me In Paree blog to launch a limited edition sweatshirt.  We came across Nikita on Instagram... not only does she take unbelievable photos of Paris and all things that will make you want to hop on a plane across the pond, but she is also an inspiring teacher... we are donating 10% of the proceeds from the sweatshirt to girls education worldwide - via The Malala Fund... 

Q & A with Meet Me In Paree, Nikita!


When did you start your fashion/lifestyle blog, Meet Me In Paree? 
I started blogging just over a year ago in August 2013. It's been a great 1 year and I can't wait to continue in the coming years. I have so many exciting plans for Meet Me In Paree.
Do you blog full-time or can you tell us a bit about your day job? And what is the best part about being a teacher?
I'm a part time blogger(hopefully one day I can do it full time). For my full time job I work as an English teacher. I have been teaching for over 4 years now. There are honestly a lot of great things about teaching but if I had to choose one. I would say it is the fact that I can meet new people everyday. It's really enriching to meet different people who have such different opinions and experiences in life. I love the fact that my students can learn from me and I can also learn from them.
What is the best part about being a blogger?
I love taking photos and being in front of the camera- the latter sounds really vain, but I don't love it for the vanity. I really love being able to convey a story through photos. I also really enjoy styling outfits and then see them come alive in front of the camera. I don't blog because I love writing… Honestly it's sometimes really difficult for me to write something on my blog, I think I lack the journalistic skill- I normally spend about 30 minutes trying to think what to write.  I blog because I love creating something beautiful and inspirational.
What is your favorite neighborhood in Paris? 
This is an easy questions for me.. I love the 1st District in Paris. Especially "Montorgueil Street", this street is filled with restaurants, cake shops and cute boutiques. Every Monday when I have a day off from work you can find me there ,in a small cafe blogging away!
What is your favorite escape when you leave the city?
Apart from the holidays.. I rarely leave the city because I am a true City Girl! But If I do leave the city I usually head to a small city in France called Tours where my boyfriend's family live. If I had more time I would love to be able to escape to Indonesia. I lived in Indonesia before Paris and I can say that I left my heart there. 
Favorite desert spot in Paris?
There are so many great places to have dessert in Paris, but the number 1 for me is Laduree. Cute cakes and Macarons are my weakness. They also look so pretty on photos so that's a bonus! 


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